NeoLight rolls out ROP risk management software for pediatric ophthalmology

According to the company, ROP Check builds upon its pediatric retina screening portfolio, adding digital management (schedule, document, bill, and transfer) for treating patients with retinopathy of prematurity.

One year after NeoLight's acquisition of Phoenix Technology Group, which brought newborn eye screening into the company's portfolio, the company announced today that it is releasing ROP Check, a software in digital care coordination for pediatric retinal screening to detect and monitor progression of retinopathy of prematurity (ROP), as part of an expanding product portfolio.

"ROP Check has the unique ability to cross-functionally manage patients/parents, NICUs, NICU ROP Coordinators, in house or visiting ophthalmology specialists, billing specialists, discharge leaders and post discharge out-patient physicians seamlessly,” said Vivek Kopparthi, co-founder and executive chairman of NeoLight. "The addition of ROP Check to our product portfolio provides a significant opportunity to advance our digital strategy.”

The company noted in a news release that its ROP Check SaaS centralized platform is positioned to address the unmet clinical need of missed babies for ROP screening by making it easier for the NICU, retina specialists and parents to share the same exams and schedule across both inpatient and outpatient practices.

According to the news release, the ROP Check system is specifically designed to ensure all eligible babies in the NICU get eye exams at the right time and within established guidelines. The platform will ensure a smooth process for documenting, billing and transferring ROP patients.

"Adding ROP Check to our product portfolio will enable safer patient care and help our customers improve outcomes,” said MaryBeth Smith, NeoLight's chief commercial officer.

ROP Check founders Jack Jacob, MD, and Dr. Bob Arnold, MD, pointed out that adding ROP Check to NeoLight's product portfolio “will provide us with the ability and resources to expand ROP Check's footprint to improve retinopathy of prematurity care for vulnerable babies."

NeoLight is creating a connected digital ecosystem centered around using technology to help eliminate ROP blindness worldwide. This ecosystem will enable clinicians to care for their patients in new and challenging circumstances and enable healthcare systems to deliver more consistent care while also managing costs.

"We have been using ROP check since 2013, and it has enabled us to have confidence that our patients are receiving continuity of care while hospitalized and following discharge, in the outpatient setting,” Amy K. Hutchinson, MD, a professor of Ophthalmology at Emory University School of Medicine, said in the news release. "The application is convenient and allows for efficient documentation and review of exams. It allows us to manage ROP in multiple hospitals with a single platform that is easily accessible from any computer or mobile device."

NeoLight is a medical device company that develops technologies for treating preventable conditions in the newborn care market.