Clario and Cole Eye Institute announce strategic partnership to provide ophthalmology offerings for clinical trials


The collaboration combines Clario's transformative technology with Cleveland Clinic's market-leading imaging expertise and AI-enabled analysis to help bring new therapies to patients, faster.

Image credit: AdobeStock/Shuo

(Image credit: AdobeStock/Shuo)

Clario has announced a strategic partnership with the Cleveland Clinic's renowned Cole Eye Institute that will bring together Cleveland Clinic's ophthalmology imaging expertise and AI-driven analysis platforms with Clario's vendor-agnostic image management system.

According to a news release, the collaboration will support clinical trials evaluating the efficacy of therapeutics designed to treat the eye as well as other trials monitoring ophthalmic safety events.1

The expanded ophthalmology therapeutic area is powered by Clario's clinical trial management platform which enables visualization and analysis of images from all ophthalmic modalities including OCT/OCTA, color fundus photography, fluorescein angiography, and others across all major indications.

Amit Vasanji, PhD, vice president, Medical and Scientific Affairs at Clario, said in the news release that the company’s collaboration with Peter Kaiser, MD, Justis P. Ehlers, MD, and Sunil Srivastava, MD, and team from the Cole Eye Institute brings the expertise required to provide high-quality endpoint data and enable sponsors to bring emerging ophthalmic therapies to market faster.

“This combination of scientific expertise and purpose-built technology will provide significant clinical, operational and financial value for sponsors conducting ophthalmic clinical trials and help drive critical advances in treatment for patients,” Vasanji said.

The Cole Eye Institute provides a network of experienced graders that deliver expertise in image assessment as part of the Clario trial workflow to provide sponsors high-quality endpoint data that can accelerate time to market for new treatments. Supported indications range from age-related macular degeneration, retinal vascular diseases, diabetic retinopathy, and inherited retinal degenerations to non-ophthalmic indications such as multiple sclerosis and Alzheimer's disease.

Kaiser pointed out the initiative is designed to advance ophthalmic research as the prevalence of eye-related disorders increases.

“This is achieved by helping sponsors overcome common clinical trial challenges related to integrating multiple third-party systems and imperfect manual processes," Kaiser said in the news release. “This web-based platform provides the workflow support, real-time visibility and compliance assurance necessary to operate trials effectively."

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