Steve Lenier



APL-2 slows growth of GA in phase II safety and efficacy trial

February 26, 2018

Twelve-month results of the FILLY trial show that in patients with geographic atrophy, the administration of complement C3 inhibitor APL-2 slowed the growth rate of the disease. It also appeared to increase the risk of new onset AMD, although this did not have an adverse effect on visual outcomes.

Ultra-widefield camera captures images from macula, far periphery

October 02, 2017

A recently released ultra-widefield fundus camera takes images in true color and captures high-resolution imagess rom the macula to the far periphery.

New biomarker may predict treatment response in DME

January 23, 2017

Researchers have identified a new biomarker they believe can be used as a predictor of vision change in patients with diabetic macular edema, either during the natural history of the disease or after undergoing anti-VEGF therapy. The biomarker is disorganization of the retinal inner layers, or DRIL.