“Conversations” video podcast launches sixth episode discussing dry AMD and GA


The podcast by Cognition Therapeutics features a discussion with retinal specialists.

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The podcast by Cognition Therapeutics features a discussion with retinal specialists. (Image Credit: ©Alex from the Rock - Adobe.Stock.com)

The sixth episode of the “Conversations” video podcast, by Cognition Therapeutics, Inc., is available now entitled, “Geographic Atrophy: New Strategies to Protect the Retina.” This episode provides an interactive discussion with retinal specialists about dry age-related macular degeneration (dry AMD) and the current treatment landscape. Dry AMD is caused by a degeneration of the macula and gradual loss of central vision. An estimated 1.5 million people in the United States are affected by late-stage dry AMD, which can result in permanent vision loss.1

According to the news release1, C. Gustavo De Moraes, MD, PhD, MPH, is an associate professor of clinical ophthalmology at Columbia University and chief medical officer of Ora, a CRO focused on ophthalmology. In the podcast episode, he moderates this discussion of the pathologic drivers of dry AMD, the current treatment landscape for this condition, the clinical rationale for sigma-2 (σ-2) receptor modulators, and the ongoing MAGNIFY phase 2 trial of CT1812 in geographic atrophy (GA) secondary to dry AMD. Panelists in the episode include Anthony Caggiano, MD, PhD, Cognition Therapeutics’ chief medical officer and 2 leading industry experts on research and treatment of retinal disease:

  • Jeffrey S. Heier, MD, Director of the Vitreoretinal Service & Retina Research at Ophthalmic Consultants of Boston, and
  • Peter K. Kaiser, MD, FASRS, Chaney Family Endowed Chair in Ophthalmology Research and Professor of Ophthalmology at the Cleveland Clinic Lerner College of Medicine.

About CT1812

CT1812 is an experimental orally delivered small molecule sigma-2 (σ-2) receptor modulator designed to penetrate the blood-retinal barrier and bind selectively and saturably to the σ-2 receptor complex. The σ-2 receptor complex is involved in the regulation of key cellular processes such as membrane trafficking and autophagy that are damaged by toxic interaction with soluble beta amyloid (Aβ) oligomers, oxidative stress and other stressors. Cognition’s clinical program will assess if regulating these processes by modulating the σ-2 receptor with CT1812 can maintain homeostatic function.

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Marion Munk, MD, PhD, presenting slides
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