B+L next-generation surgical platform features advanced retina capabilities

Bausch + Lomb announced the U.S. launch of its vision enhancement system for retina surgery (Stellaris Elite), which integrates advanced retina capabilities into the surgical platform.

This next-generation system features multiple advancements as well as the ability to seamlessly integrate future technologies, such as the hypersonic vitrectomy system (Vitesse), which will be exclusive to Stellaris Elite, according to the company. 

“Specifically designed for retina surgery, this . . . model represents a new level of surgical control and efficiency,” said Chuck Hess, vice president and general manager, U.S. Surgical, Bausch + Lomb. “The system offers leading-edge technologies and a broad range of options and accessories, making it an outstanding option for facilities and surgeons who are looking to enhance their surgical capabilities now and into the future.”

The platform offers a variety of vitrectomy cutters operating up to 7,500 cuts per minute (cpm). The system will also feature a new 27-gauge vitrectomy cutter (BiBlade) that offers cut rates up to 15,000 cpm and features an open-port design resulting in a higher, more consistent flow rate compared with single port cutters, according to the company.


A dedicated combination of dual-light source, fiber optics, and light-filtering technologies includes specialized illumination options designed for small-gauge vitrectomy, and the ability to support fiber optic illuminators as small as 29 gauge.

The system also offers a comprehensive portfolio of high-performance laser probes.

The novel Vitesse system, which will only be offered on Stellaris Elite, is the first and only hypersonic, 100% open port vitrectomy platform, said the company in a prepared statement.

On July 18, surgeons performed the first human vitrectomy procedures in a post-approval clinical study using the technology (Vitesse), and study results of the study will be available in the coming months. Machines that are configured for retina surgery are available now and will come equipped with the technology, which is exclusively designed to be used with the Vitesse hand piece once it is released commercially in late 2017.