Gentex announces eSight acquisition; will showcase vision technology at CES 2024


eSight’s medical equipment enhances vision for individuals with over 20 distinct ocular disorders, frequently enabling users to attain 20/20 vision. The Consumer Electronics Show runs January 9-12 in Las Vegas.

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Gentex Corp. announced this week it has acquired the assets of eSight, a provider of vision enhancement technologies, to develop and manufacture the next generation of mobile electronic eyewear designed to help people living with visual impairments.

According to a news release, Gentex will feature eSight’s next-gen technology at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) 2024.1

Gentex is a technology company and a long-time supplier of electro-optical products for the global automotive, aerospace, and fire protection industries. It is best known for supplying nearly every major automaker with connected-car technologies and advanced electronic features that optimize driver vision and enhance driving safety.1

According to the company, eSight is a wearable assistive technology that allows people living with visual impairments to stay on the go while performing the tasks of daily living.

The medical equipment enhances vision for individuals with over 20 distinct ocular disorders, frequently enabling users to attain 20/20 vision. eSight eyewear combines a high-definition camera, proprietary algorithms, and a powerful processing platform to relay and magnify real-time imagery onto two high-resolution screens positioned before each eye, resulting in enhanced binocular vision.1

“For many years, our expertise in vision technology has been key in developing automotive solutions that improve driver safety,” said Neil Boehm, chief technology officer at Gentex. “Our acquisition of eSight is a strategic move to leverage this expertise in the healthcare industry to address the challenges of vision impairment, furthering our commitment to enhancing visual safety and quality of life.”

Gentex has applied its innovative capabilities in digital vision, software development, and industrial design to advance the development of eSight eyewear in a partnership that was originally announced in January 2022. The collaboration has focused on reducing device size, improving design, enhancing overall system performance, and applying Gentex’s advanced manufacturing skill sets to help improve cost.

Aaron Tutwiler, eSight’s former chief executive officer, pointed out that Gentex’s purchase of eSight is an exciting development for everyone involved.

“Millions of people experience the challenges of living with low vision,” Tutwiler said in a news release. “Gentex’s specialized knowledge and advanced capabilities in engineering, combined with its highly advanced manufacturing capabilities will improve eSight functionality and affordability to further expand the reach of those we can impact with our life-changing technology.”

According to the news release, the Consumer Electronics Show runs January 9-12 in Las Vegas.

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