Tilak Healthcare announces positive results from TIL002 clinical trial evaluating OdySight mobile app


The app is a tool aimed at allowing patients to measure their visual acuity at home by themselves.

Hand holding a phone (Image credit: AdobeStock/ipopba)

(Image credit: AdobeStock/ipopba)

Tilak Healthcare has announced positive results from its TIL002 clinical trial evaluating the OdySight mobile app.

Tilak Healthcare stated in a press release that the app is a tool aimed at allowing patients to measure their visual acuity at home by themselves and that the study showed “a high level of convergence between at-home evaluations of visual acuity measured with OdySight and standard methods used during consultations.”1

OdySight, a prescription-only CE-marked medical device, is available on smartphones and tablets and allows patients with chronic macular degeneration to carry out regular monitoring of their visual acuity through eye tests they perform themselves. Results are automatically sent to their physicians along with notification when a deterioration in vision is detected. According to the company, this makes it “easier to carry out personalized monitoring between appointments and arrange urgent medical intervention where necessary.”1

“A tool that allows monitoring between consultations and that patients can use easily and without assistance is paramount to facilitate the swift and safe adoption of these new drugs. TIL002 marks a key step in the clinical validation of OdySight® and proves that it is a reliable way for patients to monitor their visual acuity by themselves at home,” said Jean-François Girmens Medical Director and co-founder of Tilak Healthcare. In addition, given the variability of visual acuity measurements, having a large number of results from regular home tests could prove more helpful than occasional measurements performed during consultations taking place a long time apart.”

TIL002 is a prospective multi-center clinical study assessing the equivalence of visual acuity measurements carried out at 40 cm by patients in their homes using the app and those obtained using standard methods during consultations.

The study looked at 58 patients and 105 eyes, and took place over a period of one and a half years across three centers in France. Patients were monitored through 2 visits, 1 to 3 months apart, and OdySight measurements were also taken between visits.1

An analysis was carried out on 89 eyes which had an OdySight and ETDRS test conducted on the same day. Results showed a high level of concordance between the 2 methods, with an average difference of 0.33 letters, and 82% of OdySight measurements showed a maximum difference of 9 letters compared with the result of the standard test.1

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