What are you most excited about in the field of retina? Tunde Peto, MD, PhD weighs in


Tunde Peto, MD, PhD, shares some ophthalmic initiatives she's excited about in light of EURETINA 2022.

Caroline Richards: I'd like to ask you what are you most excited about in the retina field at present?

Tunde Peto, MD, PhD: There are a couple of things that are very exciting. We used to be very limited as to how much treatment options we had. And this is growing by the day. And we are able to now choose the best drug for our patient. And we're able to discuss the choice with our patients that we really haven't been able to do for a very long time.

And then the other thing I'm very excited about is that we are able to use ophthalmic eye biomarkers for prognostication purposes, both in diabetes and in AMD, and hopefully for some of the neurodegenerative diseases that we have spoken about. And those ones will help the patient to understand their disease better, and it will help the health service to provide better appointment system for these patients. So we only see the right patient at the right time with the right imaging modality. And we will be able to tell them more about the disease.

Richards: Thank you very much.

Peto: Thank you.

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