How will the pandemic affect retina specialists' practice going forward?


Mark Breazzano, MD, discusses the future of retina specialists' practice within context of the ongoing pandemic.

Mark Breazzano, MD: I think there's a sense of relief of anxiety in terms of how we're running our clinics. I think a lot of us are sort of back to normal or near normal, at least in terms of the flow and number of patients coming in and getting back to sort of that busy clinic volume that we had experienced before the pandemic, but you know, some of these safety measures are still lingering a little bit.

And even other things that are a little bit more normal to us now, you know, pre-COVID screening for patients coming in, serves as a little bit of frustration, I think for many of us, but at the same time, we want to make sure everyone is safe. And thankfully, the vaccine rollout that's been going on has definitely been helpful for making it as smooth as possible. And so for anyone else out there, I would highly recommend getting the vaccine if you haven't already and are physically able to.

And I think everyone who does that take part in that I think just really helps out the greater whole.

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