RetinalGeniX Technologies focuses on prevention of blindness, early detection of multiple systemic diseases


The company has released a video presentation that highlights combining genetic markers with high-resolution retinal imaging to assist in the detection and treatment of blindness and multiple systemic diseases.

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RetinalGeniX Technologies Inc. released to the public via OCT Markets a video webinar regarding the retinal screening medical device technology being developed by the company to help prevent blindness and multiple systemic diseases, the company’s business opportunities and the professional background of the company’s management team.

According to RetinalGeniX CEO Jerry Katzman, the company is moving past the point of being simply a high-resolution retinal imaging company.

“This webinar that we posted today should greatly enhance the understanding of the importance of combining genetic markers and high-resolution retinal imaging in the treatment of disease,” Katzman said in a news release.

According to the company’s news release, it is developing technologies to diagnose and treat systemic disorders by combining high-resolution imaging, pharmacogenetic portal software, and diagnostic testing all based on data to be obtained from the RetinalGeniX DNA/RNA GPS platform and related test kits.

Katzman pointed out in the news release some of the benefits of the webinar.

“We encourage interested parties to watch the new webinar which includes more details on our progress including the development of RNA/DNA GPS lab test kits, CLIA lab progress, the pending IRB protocol study, and new drug patent development; all of which could aid in the reassignment of existing drug patents for drug therapeutics,” he said in the release.

Moreover, Katzman noted in the release the company received a patent in July for its Patient Home Monitoring and Integrated Physician Alert System for Ocular Anatomy.

“We are very excited about this patent,” he said in the news release. “The invention relates to a remote monitoring device that can be deployed in the patient's home or anywhere else, from which an alert can be sent to a remotely located physician, who can then perform a pre-diagnostic evaluation to assess whether an in-person medical diagnosis is warranted.”

RetinalGeniX is an ophthalmic research and development company focused on developing technologies for the early detection and treatment of ocular diseases as well as neurodegenerative, cardiovascular, vascular, metabolic, and diabetic conditions.

The company is developing a range of technologies such as DNA/RNA/GPS Pharmaco-Genetic Mapping software, which will be accessible to patients through an application, and will provide bio-marker information to aid in drug development.

Additionally, according to the news release, RetinalGeniX is working on the development of a high-resolution retinal home monitoring system that will offer real-time alerts to both physicians and patients and a cost-effective high-resolution retinal mass screening device that captures a 200° field of view without the need for dilation of the pupil.

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