Zeiss announces OCT technology enhancements to better support growing era of data-driven patient care


The company noted its OCT reference database now offers a library of 870 healthy eyes, more than tripling the previous versions.

Image credit: AdobeStock/Parilov

(Image credit: AdobeStock/Parilov)

Zeiss Medical Technology announced its optical coherence tomography (OCT) reference database (Cirrus 6000) now enables a data-driven workflow for ophthalmologists, supported by among the largest OCT databases in the US market, as well as newly enhanced cybersecurity features.

According to a news release, as part of the Zeiss Medical Ecosystem, which recently received clearance from the FDA, helps support informed, data-driven patient care decisions across ophthalmic workflows from disease diagnosis to treatment and ongoing management.1

The company noted its reference database now offers a library of 870 healthy eyes, more than tripling the previous versions, with greater diversity, taking into account different optic disc sizes in addition to age. Elevating the standard of care for patients, the expanded reference database is a useful tool to facilitate individualized approaches to diagnoses and ocular health and disease management.

"Zeiss continues to forge the way toward a future of more personalized care by pioneering state-of-the-art digital workflow innovations that are proven to increase efficiencies and improve patient outcomes, "Euan S. Thomson, PhD, president of Ophthalmology Strategic Business Unit and Head of the Digital Business Unit for Zeiss Medical Technology, said in the news release. "Our expansive CIRRUS 6000 reference database provides greater data-driven insights to ophthalmologists."

The Zeiss OCT offers users high-speed imaging with high-definition detail, a wider field of view, enhanced visualization with AngioPlex OCT Angiography, and clinically validated applications for retina, glaucoma, and anterior segment – all supporting more insights into a patient's condition with improved security to meet clinical compliance needs.1

Moreover, the company noted its OCT also offers security and seamless transfer of patient data from earlier generations for continuity of patient care.

According to the news release, the new OCT is designed to meet evolving clinical compliance and security needs, new cybersecurity features protect against cyber threats, offer advanced data security and instant disaster recovery, provide enhanced password security, enterprise-scale security requirements, and more.1

Anuj Kalra, head of Chronic Disease Management at Zeiss Medical Technology, said the company remains committed to improving patient care and is enhancing the OCT brand with digital tools that help keep clinics efficient and compliant.

“The Cirrus 6000 enables optimized, data-driven diagnoses and empowers clinicians to manage complex ophthalmic conditions with confidence," Kalra said in the news release.

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